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An exciting programme of events for 2015 is being prepared and will be available for your consideration soon. We do hope you will come along to some of our events or just drop in for a browse, a cup of coffee and a chat. The chapel is being decorated during January and we look forward to welcoming you all to the new season.  

Heritage Services

Do join us for our Heritage Services followed by tea/coffee and biscuits on the following Sundays from 2.30pm :

Sunday 25th January with Jill Barber

                22nd February with Julie Herbert

                29th March with Jill Barber

               26th April with John Cooper (to be confirmed)


There is no service at Englesea Brook during May since Mow Cop hold their open air service at this time.


Heritage Services continue at Englesea Brook Chapel on the following Sundays:

Sunday 28th June with Pat & John Percival

               25th July with David Walton

               23rd August with Jo Hibbard

               27th September with Pat & John Percival

               25th October with Julie Herbert

               22nd November with Jo Hibbard and 

               13th December with Michael Parrott.

Everyone is welcome and there is an opportunity to browse in the museum after the service.

Please do stay for light refreshments and fellowship afterwards


Lent Bible Study begins with soup and bread at 12.00 followed by study and discussion until 2pm

The dates are as follows:

Wednesdays March 4th,11th,18th and 25th Similarly Advent Studies are planned for

Wednesdays November 25th and December 2nd, 9th and 16th.


Looking ahead with further dates for your diary:

Saturday 16th May join us for Museum's at Nigh - full details later

Friday 12th June Flower Festival opens and continues over the weekend until Sunday 14th at 5pm.

Saturday talks will again take place throughout the summer. Watch this space for details as they become confirmed  




Programme of Events 2014

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First World War Exhibition

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Access for All - Opening of Disabled Access Scheme

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25,000 Second Hand Books for Sale

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Online library catalogue

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Banners and paintings online

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Hot off the Press!

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Heritage Services in 2013

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THE BIG ONE - August Bank Holiday second hand book sale

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Introduction to Printed Material in Englesea Brook Library: Saturday 17 August, 10.30-11.15

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Introduction to the Museum Collections: Saturday 10 August, 10.30-11.15

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Study Day, Saturday 8 June 2013 - Don't miss it!

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Museums at Night - A Night with the Stars

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Was your Ancestor a Primitive Methodist?

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Ranting along!

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Book Sale Contributions

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Victorian Christmas Service

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Photos of our "Wedding Dresses Through the Ages" Exhibition!

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Captain Anderson helps Englesea Brook Half Term towards Literary Success

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BBC Newsround at Englesea Brook

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Guardian Newspaper Salutes Englesea Brook

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Travelling back to the 1940s - The return of the Evacuees

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The Wizard of Oz Visits Englesea Brook - Our June Heritage Service

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A Feast of Heritage at Mow Cop this Sunday

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Ranter Radicals: A Heritage service this Sunday

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Bat Night!

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Meet our smallest regular visitors

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New Working Children's Memorial Stone dedicated

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Discovering the Easter Festival with First Century Sneyd Green Pupils

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Listening to the Past

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A hand-written memoir has been donated to the museum.

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