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Please click here for a printable copy of our Progamme of Events for 2016.

The new season is here.

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Welcome to our March Events

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Welcome to our Lent soup and study sessions 2016

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Programme of Events 2016

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Forthcoming Events

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Come and see the Gospel Car "Ebenezer 11", on site until December 2015

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"Back to School" with the stern "Victorian" teacher - Miss Fell

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28 Aug-1 Sept: August Bank Holiday Book Sale!

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Quiet Day, Tuesday 8 September

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New Activity Guide to Englesea Brook

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Love Feast: 23 August 2015

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Follow the President and Vice President's Blog

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Finding Our Voice: Vice President's address to Conference

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Second Hand Books on Social Media!

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First World War Exhibition

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Access for All - Opening of Disabled Access Scheme

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25,000 Second Hand Books for Sale

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Online library catalogue

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Banners and paintings online

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Hot off the Press!

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Heritage Services in 2013

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Become a Friend of Englesea Brook now!

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THE BIG ONE - August Bank Holiday second hand book sale

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Introduction to Printed Material in Englesea Brook Library: Saturday 17 August, 10.30-11.15

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Introduction to the Museum Collections: Saturday 10 August, 10.30-11.15

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Study Day, Saturday 8 June 2013 - Don't miss it!

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Museums at Night - A Night with the Stars

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Was your Ancestor a Primitive Methodist?

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Ranting along!

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Book Sale Contributions

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Victorian Christmas Service

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Photos of our "Wedding Dresses Through the Ages" Exhibition!

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Captain Anderson helps Englesea Brook Half Term towards Literary Success

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BBC Newsround at Englesea Brook

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Guardian Newspaper Salutes Englesea Brook

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Travelling back to the 1940s - The return of the Evacuees

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The Wizard of Oz Visits Englesea Brook - Our June Heritage Service

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A Feast of Heritage at Mow Cop this Sunday

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Ranter Radicals: A Heritage service this Sunday

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Bat Night!

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Meet our smallest regular visitors

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New Working Children's Memorial Stone dedicated

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Discovering the Easter Festival with First Century Sneyd Green Pupils

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Listening to the Past

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A hand-written memoir has been donated to the museum.

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